Can You Buy VigRX Plus at GNC?

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Here’s an interesting question: can I buy VigRX Plus at GNC?

The next question is, why would someone want to purchase their male enhancement supplement from GNC?

What Is GNC?

GNC or General Nutrition Centers, is a Pennsylvania-based company that specializes in the sale of nutritional supplements. The product lines they support and sell include energy products, diet supplements, herbal formulas, vitamins, etc.

You can say that it is a go-to place if you are interested in getting stocked up on some of the best nutritional supplements today. According to the blurb on their official website (1), their goal is to provide customers with the support needed to live well.

That support, of course, is provided through a unique shopping experience, custom-tailored health solutions, and all-natural quality products, with product quality being the company’s priority.

What Is VigRX Plus?

I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a solution to my erection problems. It’s a big thing for me since sex is a huge factor in my relationship with my girlfriend.

When a guy gets to a certain age, he will see that his performance in the sack will start to wane. And I am one who isn’t willing to disappoint my girl.

Unfortunately, erection problems are a common thing. It happens to all guys everywhere (2). It can even happen to guys in the remotest part of the world.

And that is where my quest for an excellent fix to my erection issues began. Is VigRX Plus the best solution I found? Well, yes and no. But let me elaborate.

I initially was using Viagra, and I can say that it is effective (3). I take it an hour or two before snuggling with my girl, and it gives me rock-solid erections.

However, there were a couple of issues that I had with this solution:

  1. It is expensive. It is no secret that Viagra isn’t cheap, and if you’re a sexually active man like me, then you are looking to spend a ton of money on those pills. So I had to find a cheaper solution.
  2. It isn’t a long-term solution. It is an effective solution, but it doesn’t help you stay stiff permanently. It’s more of a quick fix—I tried getting it done one time without Viagra, and I noticed that I wasn’t as hard, nor was I just as satisfied with my performance without it.

Long story short, I needed to find a long-term solution to my erection problems and a more affordable one. And that is where VigRX and VigRX Plus came into the picture.

Fair Warning: Here’s the Downside

Did it work for me? Yes, it did. But I have a bit of a beef with it, and here it is:

It doesn’t work immediately

Well, it works; yes, it does. I experience the benefits as promised, like the following:

  • My erections have gotten harder
  • I don’t lose my erections halfway through sex
  • I feel more energetic than ever
  • Orgasms have become more intense
  • I feel more satisfied with intercourse

However, as I said, it didn’t work like Viagra. I took the pills for the first few days, and I didn’t get any noticeable results. I had to keep taking VigRX Plus for three full weeks before I got to see any noticeable effects, just like every other guy who has tried it (4).

After over a year of hindsight, I can tell you that you need to take VigRX Plus for at least three months to get rock-solid erections.

Well, at least now I don’t need to take an expensive pill 2 hours before intercourse.

Can You Buy VigRX Plus in GNC?

The answer is no, and you won’t find it in any store. They never have it on their shelves.

However,  you can still get VigRX Plus from the manufacturer’s official website (click here).

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