Jacked Up Pill for Men Over 50: Is Taking T-Boosters Worth Your While?

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Age is merely a number, especially for men. Your age doesn’t have to deter you from increasing your testosterone levels.

And one way of achieving such a feat is by taking the Jacked Up pill for men over 50—or any other potent testosterone booster.

But do you really need to?

This article is intended to help you find out whether taking T-boosters will be worth your time and money.

Who Needs the Jacked Up Pill for Men over 50?

Jacked Up and other supplements classified as testosterone boosters are in part aimed toward men with erectile dysfunction.

Around 10 to 20 percent of middle-aged men are impotent (1). This sexual problem not only affects a man’s self-esteem but also threatens his romantic relationships.

Top Ingredients in Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Most testosterone boosters contain any of the following ingredients:

1. Vitamin D

Studies show that Vitamin D plays a huge role in male reproduction (2). When the body’s level of Vitamin D is low, its testosterone is low as well.

However, exposing yourself to sunlight may not be enough; taking Vitamin D supplements or testosterone boosters with Vitamin D may be needed to improve sperm quality, too.

2. Fenugreek

A favorite ingredient in testosterone boosters, fenugreek reduces the enzymes responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen.

A study conducted among healthy males revealed that standardized fenugreek extract and its mineral formulation could significantly increase libido (3).

Fenugreek extract was also found to increase energy levels and improve well-being.

3. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

Meanwhile, some pills also contain dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a hormone that naturally occurs in the body. Its function is to control estrogen levels and boost your testosterone. Compared to placebo, 50mg of DHEA each day can increase testosterone levels (4).

4. Tongkat Ali

This ingredient, which is also known as “Malaysian ginseng,” is not only an anti-aging supplement but is also an energy and testosterone booster. The roots of Tongkat Ali are used to improve libido and sports performance, as well as reduce weight (5).

5. Ginger

Ginger is useful as a food spice and as a testosterone booster. An experiment on diabetic rats showed that ginger had positive effects on their sexual function and hormone levels (6).

How About Jacked Up

An example of a testosterone boosting supplement is Jacked Up, which claims to increase energy and libido levels.

Although it’s a natural supplement and is made up of herbal ingredients, it may make you feel bloated. It could also give you an upset stomach. It is always imperative to consult your physician before taking pills like Jacked Up.

Jacked Up contains Tongkat Ali, Siberian Ginseng (for extra stamina), Maca root (for increased energy), Damiana (for enhanced libido), and fenugreek.

Jacked Up and many other testosterone-boosting supplements on the market contain little to no artificial ingredients. This is because they are meant to complement a daily healthy diet.

It is best if you incorporate the ingredients mentioned above into your food intake.

Benefits of Taking T-Boosters

Popping up pills isn’t a bad thing, but it pays to note some side effects, especially if you’re already in your 50s. There could be contraindications that may put your health at risk instead of making you feel better.

Testosterone boosters can improve the circulation of blood in your body. It can even produce more red blood cells through the bone marrow. Still, men over 50 have to be careful, as taking testosterone boosters doesn’t necessarily improve any severe heart conditions.

Middle-aged men may also develop weaker bones over time. Jacked-up pills can help increase their bone density, especially in the spine. If you are still hitting the gym regularly, testosterone boosters might be necessary for you to perform specific workouts and exercises.

Another benefit of taking jacked-up pills is improved memory and mathematical reasoning. Dementia is almost always an inevitable part of aging, but you can counter, or at least keep it at bay, with testosterone boosters.

Men fifty years or older also take testosterone boosters to spice up their libido and beat erectile dysfunction.

T-Booster Supplements for Older Men: The Verdict

Taking supplements may seem like a vain thing, but it’s actually more about the benefits you could gain from doing something so simple.

If you have erectile dysfunction or you want to increase your energy levels to do your everyday tasks, you may try Jacked Up or any other testosterone booster. To be sure, though, look for those containing the ingredients we’ve listed.

So, is taking the Jacked Up pill for men over 50 or any other T-booster the right course of action? If you’re experiencing issues associated with low testosterone, you might want to consider those supplements.

If you have additional questions in mind well, tell us through the comments section.

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