Tadalafil Dosage for Bodybuilding: Greater Pump without Worries

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What’s the right tadalafil dosage for bodybuilding? Should it be higher than the standard dose for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Many have discovered that taking this drug pre-workout can help improve the results of training. It may boost endurance, intensity, and muscle gain. Moreover, it might help improve lean mass (1).

With all these perks, it’s obvious why many wish to take tadalafil—and in this article, we’re going to answer your dose-related queries, as well as provide other valuable info.

Key Benefits of Taking Tadalafil

The effects of the drug go beyond getting an erection during sexual arousal. It offers benefits that may help bodybuilders gain results faster, maintain their gains for longer, and train harder for longer—all while hastening muscle recovery.

#1 Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation is what makes you feel sore all over when you work out. This is a result of stress from the intense physical activity as well as muscle damage from all the work done.

Tadalafil reduces inflammatory markers in the body, such as C-reactive protein (2). And as you’d expect, by reducing inflammation, bodybuilders can train harder.

This effect goes beyond bodybuilding, however. Reducing inflammatory markers prevents the buildup of plaques in the arteries. This potentially reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

#2 Achieving Greater Pump

This can be a result of improved blood flow in the entire body. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the body. As it flows away from the tissues, it brings with it wastes and toxins, as well as carbon dioxide.

In relation to the muscles, it brings lactic acid out of the tissues to prevent buildup. This can greatly reduce the possibility of muscle cramps and related injuries.

Lactic acid is a natural byproduct of muscle contraction. Whenever it accumulates, the muscles are kept from working optimally. This can result in feeling fatigued faster. Workouts would have to be shorter than desired.

The increased nutrients and oxygen supply from enhanced blood flow also keep the muscles well-nourished, hydrated, and oxygenated (3). It keeps the tissues refreshed, allowing for that higher “pump” many bodybuilders reported when they took pre-workout tadalafil.

This is one of the effects bodybuilders seek from their workouts. A pump is when their muscles receive more blood, making them feel tight and very full. Getting pumped makes workout sessions more satisfying.

#3 Increased Testosterone

Testosterone drives protein synthesis. It helps increase muscle strength and lean muscle mass. Having more testosterone means building muscle quicker.

It has been found that regular intake of tadalafil for 12 months can help increase the testosterone-to-estrogen ratio (4). Estrogen levels are kept low, giving testosterone more opportunities to remain at normal to high levels.

How exactly does the drug achieve this feat? Simply put, it prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by inhibiting the action of aromatase.

Taking tadalafil may help raise the testosterone-to-estrogen ratio by as much as 30%.

Tadalafil Dosage for Bodybuilding

Tadalafil is, as you probably know, Cialis. It’s a drug meant to treat ED (5). This medication works by increasing blood flow and is also used as a treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

The standard minimum dose for on-demand use is 5mg. On the other hand, the minimum starting dose for regular once-daily use is 2.5mg.

For bodybuilding, some people take 20mg two hours before working out. This allows the drug to take full effect before training starts, making it possible to maximize the benefits.

This dosage is the maximum dose. Do not take more than this within 24 hours.

There are dangers in taking higher doses of tadalafil as it increases the intensity of side effects. It also raises risks for problems such as painful erections (priapism).

Some recommend taking smaller doses once a day during the training period in order to enjoy the perks without the risks. Smaller daily doses are between 2.5mg to 5mg.

Tadalafil Dose for Better Fitness

Tadalafil is a drug meant for ED and BPH that has been found helpful for bodybuilding. Its main action of improving blood flow seems to go beyond getting an erection. It can also improve blood flow to the muscle tissues.

This effect brings a huge potential for the drug to be used beyond ED treatment, specifically for bodybuilding. It can help bodybuilders train harder, have longer workouts, recover faster, and achieve their goals faster.

Before you take this drug, however, consult with a doctor for better guidance on the right dosage and schedule of intake.

Do you have any other questions about the appropriate tadalafil dosage for bodybuilding? If you do, simply leave us a message through the comments box below.

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