VigRX Plus Dosage Information: Why It Is Safer Than Viagra

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VigRX Plus is not your run off the mill male enhancement pill. Remember that it is not some form of Viagra. Well, we all know that Viagra is currently the number one oral therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction (1).

Compare Viagra Dosage Instructions

The recommended dosage for Viagra is 50 mg, although there are 100 mg Viagra tablets available. The usual dosage information is that you should take a 50 mg Viagra tablet about 2 hours before sexual intercourse.

The effects will last for the next few hours – usually around three to four hours. Note that the effects will gradually dissipate the more time passes. That means you will get the best erections after the 2-hour wait.

It takes that long for the body to assimilate this drug and then actually make use of it. Now if you are taking any medication, then you should talk to your doctor first before taking any Viagra or sildenafil (its generic name).

In some instances, a doctor may recommend a smaller dose of around 25 mg of Viagra instead of the regular 50 mg dose. However, for those who may not get the desired results, doctors may prescribe the 100 mg dosage (2).

Now, do you take VigRX in the same way?

The answer is NO.

VigRX Plus Dosage Instructions

VigRX Plus is not a drug, a bit of FYI is there for you. It is a health supplement. It is something that you should be taking on a regular day-to-day basis.

The dosage instructions, both on the package and also on their official website, will tell you to take two pills each day for at least 30 days. That means it doesn’t work like Viagra. After taking your first two pills for the very first time, your Johnson is not going to get stiff all night for your girl.

Personally, the first noticeable effect that I was able to enjoy was better sleep. I popped two VigRX Plus pills in the morning and went on with my typical day, but then at night, I slept well for the first time in many years.

After a week or so, I felt strong. I didn’t wake up like someone who had nothing to look forward to. I woke up with enthusiasm and lots of energy each morning. That encouraged me to keep taking VigRX Plus for an entire month.

One Month Later

I kept taking two pills a day every day until my first bottle of VigRX Plus was empty. One bottle had enough pills to last a month.

It was then that I experienced somewhat an increase in size and girth. Well, it’s not like I was using a penis pump to make my thing more humongous.

It felt bigger, I guess because I could sustain my erections a lot longer by then. The quality of my erections was getting better. My girlfriend even noticed how better I was getting in bed.

Month Two and Three

I bought the six-month supply package from the official VigRX Plus store, which allowed me to save about $150. I had more than enough, so I had no worries about running out. Check out the offers on their product page so you can figure out which deal works best for your budget: click here.

The benefits I experienced during the second and third months became more dramatic. I lasted longer in bed, and I no longer got soft right in the middle of sex (yes, that can be quite disappointing).

In my opinion, what VigRX Plus did was strengthen and sustain me from the inside. It made me a lot healthier during the first few weeks of taking it. And then I grew stronger and eventually got better in bed.

I no longer had to pop Viagra before sex. That was a more expensive option.

A Power House of Ingredients

The secret to VigRX Plus is in its ingredients. They include the following:

  • Epimedium – its extracts give you a Viagra-like effect by increasing the blood flow to your penis (4).
  • Damiana – this works like a sexual stimulant. It makes your orgasms more intense, and it can improve your sexual endurance (5).
  • Gingko Biloba is a Chinese herb that has been used for centuries. It has a lot of powerful antioxidants, which help to keep you healthier. Part of its effects, other than making you stronger and healthier, is to improve blood flow, which contributes to better quality erections (6).
  • Red Ginseng – this herb has been studied for quite a while, and science has proven its effects as a health booster and also as an aphrodisiac (7). Studies suggest its application for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

67 Day Guarantee

One of the things that convinced me to try VigRX Plus (other than the recommendation of a close friend and confidant) is that 67-day money-back guarantee.

You can try the pills for more than a month. If you don’t see any results within that time frame, you can return the bottles (including the empty ones), and you will get a full refund. Visit the official VigRX Plus site now and get a discount code for an extra 10% savings on this supplement.

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